Welcome to humansarewe.com. My name is Brian and I am a certified life coach. As a life coach, I help people highly improve the quality of their lives, during my one to one sessions. Whether it’s their family, career, or spiritual life, I help my clients get to where they want.




Brian Berger: Certified Life Coach and Owner/Founder of HumansAreWe.com

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My goal is to help you make your life much better. Here’s why you should trust me:


I am an Eagle Scout. I live up to every one of my promises. I make sure that all information is confidential and I work very hard to help my clients get to where they want to be.


I am very knowledgeable in the fields of psychology (study of how people think and behave), and sociology (the study of how societies operate), after having taken many college courses in these fields.


I have suffered from depression for 10 years. I have learned to be resilient against the many pressures of this world. Many people who want to help others may have good intentions, but it helps to know what it means to suffer, in order to help those who are not doing well in their lives.


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Happiness is Possible. HumansAreWe is here to help you get there.


Thank you,


Brian Berger

ExpertRating Certified Life Coach

Owner/Founder HumansAreWe.com